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Fashion For Rent

One of our clients, Sara, a London-based writer and publicist shares her experience of leasing the Knight bias-cut dress. 


She leased the dress for our standard hire period of seven days, we arranged delivery to her apartment in London and courier pick up at the end of the seven days. Sara shared these beautiful images of her wearing the dress and also answered some questions about how she found the experience...

Fashion For Rent

How was the dress fit, size and length for you?

The fit was perfect and true to size. I thought it might be too long but I was actually able to wear it with flats.

Fashion For Rent

How did the quality meet your expectations?

Extremely beautiful material, it met my expectations (which were high from the photos on the website).

Fashion For Rent

How was the postal/courier service? Would you prefer to have the option to arrange postage yourself at your leisure rather than waiting for pick-up?

For me personally, the pick-up was great. A hassle-free level of luxury with the service that works well, but it's always good to have the option. The box that the dress arrived in also kept the piece practically free of creases.

Would you recommend the experience?

I would highly recommend leasing from Laura Ironside. Luxuriously delivered to and collected from your door, it is a dream for those a custom to small space urban living.

Fashion For Rent


Sara has more images and an interview with me about the brand over on her blog here.

And to find out more about leasing a garment yourself just get in touch here.