Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

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Fast fashion retailers aim to produce and sell high volumes of stock at low prices. Lower prices mean however that the quality of products is also lower, so clothes don’t last and end up in landfill, harming our planet. To keep costs low, garment workers are poorly paid and badly treated. 

Shopping fast is still a default for the majority of us however; it’s a quick fix, an easier and cheaper choice to keep wardrobes updated, and a habit that is hard to break. Fast fashion retailers have become experts in seducing us too, making it easier and easier for us to desire and buy more and more. 

Buying less isn’t popular but it is actually better for us and for our planet. It’s difficult for us to break this habit but it’s about shifting our mindset when it comes to consuming.  

Fast fashion provides a quick fix buzz like a sugar high. It feels good at the time but soon we’re left with piles of unwanted cheap clothes that maybe didn’t really suit us that much in the first place!

What if we went after a more rewarding, longer-lasting feeling? 

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You know that feeling when you’ve seen something you want but it’s a little higher in price than you would normally spend? You walk away and don’t buy it but instead, end up thinking about it…thinking how it made you feel when you tried it on…how well it would fit into your wardrobe…how well it would go with those shoes…. In fact you can’t stop thinking about it so much that you decide to save up to buy it…

When you do finally buy it, you then appreciate it so much more having taken the time to really think about it and wait for it, a delayed gratification. Imagine you did that for every purchase, how would that feel if you really took the time to consider something before purchasing? Of course it’s not possible in every situation but if everyone aimed to approach shopping in more of a Marie Kondo-like fashion – only purchasing something that really brings us joy - what an incredible impact this could have on our lives and our planet!

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We’re caught in a vicious cycle but we have the power to make change and help slow the whole fashion thing down. We can ensure our products become heirlooms, passed down to the next generation along with a healthy planet.

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